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Natalie FowlerNatalie Fowler has been fascinated by ghost stories since she was a little girl, but she could never find what she wanted in a story. The stories were always about how scary it was to be haunted by a ghost, and she always wanted to know more about the ghosts. Once a practicing attorney, now Natalie does freelance editorial work and writes her own stories. She is a staff editor for FATE Magazine and Galde Press.

Natalie is a self-proclaimed research geek and could easily spend hours in the library with dusty old books. She is a paranormal investigator for Ghost Stories Ink, a group of authors and illustrators who go on ghost hunts in search of creative inspiration. She happily fulfills all of the team’s research needs.

For more about Natalie and her projects, books and blogs, visit her website at http://www.NatalieFowler.com.



Jessica Freeburg has alwJessica Freeburgays been inquisitive and loves all of the challenges that life—and the afterlife—have to offer. Her fascination with history and with the paranormal fuels many of her creative works. As the founder of Ghost Stories Ink, Jessica has performed paranormal investigations at a variety of reportedly haunted locations.

She has written young adult fiction, middle-grade narrative non-fiction and short stories for children and adults. She has served as a news correspondent for the wildly popular paranormal radio show Darkness Radio and on the editorial staff of FATE Magazine. She is the Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Minnesota.

In addition to writing books, Jessica enjoys working in screenwriting and documentary production. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and three children. For more about Jessica and her books, visit JessicaFreeburg.com



 Jeff SmiedingJeff Smieding – -AND IN THEIR PASSING, A DARKNESS: THE SALT  MACHINE (A Serial in three installments, 2013)

Jeff Smieding grew up with his mom and his cat in the small town of Altoona, Wisconsin. When his mom was at work, he spent his summers reading fantastical stories and playing in the big forest behind his house. After many great adventures,he grew up to be a writer, musician, and a live performer.

He has written stories that have been published by magazines named Volume One and Revolver, and over the years has read other of his stories to pirates, good-for-nothing layabouts, and general malcontents all across the middle of the
United States. To this day, he can still be seen on especially cold nights, when the moon is especially bright, reading his sad and terrifying tales to children and adults alike in book stores and coffee houses.

Jeff currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, two children, and two cats.



Kirk von der Heydt Kirk von der Heydtis on the Board of Directors for the DFW Writers’ Conference, based in Dallas/Fort Worth, and was the Conference Director in 2014. An adventurer himself, he is also all the penultimate fan of all things Alice Wonderland. RABBIT SLAYER is his debut novel. He can be found on Twitter @KirkvdHeydt